Train harder, recover quicker, perform better

Increased Performance

Whether you strive to push yourself to the limit or simply want to keep up an active lifestyle as you get older, the MT Sport will get you there. Use it for just 10 minutes as part of your warm-up, and your muscles will be perfectly tuned for exercise.


Reduce muscle soreness

Don’t let an aching body get in the way of your fitness routine. The MT Sport speeds up recovery time by increasing circulation and flushing toxins from your muscles. Ease out the tension, so you can get fitter quicker.

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Quick and easy to use

Struggling to fit a massage session into your schedule? Always at hand, the MT Sport gives you the benefit of a full body treatment in a fraction of the time. 


Achieve your goals

MT Sport is the perfect motivator. It makes such a dramatic improvement to your warm-up that you feel stronger and more energised instantly. When you know you’re treating your body right, the confidence in your abilities skyrockets, and suddenly every target is within reach.

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Made in Britain

Designed and manufactured in the UK, inspired by precision Germany engineering


Light enough to carry everywhere, efficient enough to run off a car adapter

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Ergonomic design

A long handle means all muscles are within reach, and even works resting on the floor

Hits the spot

The oscillation is so powerful you don't need to pinpoint the muscle – it's accurate even if you aren't


How it works

(The science bit)

Maximum performance

The MT Sport uses vibration massage therapy clinically proven to strengthen muscles. Use it for just a few minutes before exercise to prepare your body for maximum performance. And as part of cool down it reduces soreness and speeds up recovery.

Good vibrations

The pad is carefully calibrated to oscillate at 50Hz – the frequency that scientific studies confirm gets results. Just place it gently on the muscle, and it works instantly.

Great circulation

The vibrations penetrate deep into the muscle, rapidly increasing circulation by dilating blood vessels. At the same time the pores in the tissue membrane open up so the muscle can draw in more oxygen and nutrients. This also flushes out waste products and toxins such as lactic acid


Vibration therapy stretches the muscle fibres and breaks down inflexible scar tissue that can make you more prone to injury. Hard training can make tissue inelastic and hamper performance, but the MT Sport releases the tension and rejuvenates flexibility


“Sitting with the machine for a few minutes felt more like an extension of my workout than a dull warm down.”

Billy Ferguson – @trivelo_bikes