Train harder, recover quicker, perform better

Train harder,
recover quicker,
perform better.

Get the boost you need to hit your fitness goals, while helping prevent injury and extending your active life. Supercharge your warm-up, and there’s no stopping you.


What is the MT Sport?

A portable sports therapy system clinically proven to improve your performance, whatever your level. Use before exercise to dramatically increase blood flow through your muscles, maximising efficiency and reducing recovery time.

Made in Britain, made for fitness.


Who's it for?

It works for everyone. Are you in peak condition but know you can be better, determined to get optimum performance from every muscle?

Or you want to stay fit to live a longer and healthier life, but you need extra support to keep going?

Whatever your goals, MT Sport is for you.


Improve performance

Turbocharge your warm-up so you can play better and train harder

Achieve your goals

Feel maximum motivation because you know you're perfectly prepared for giving your all

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Reduce DOMS

Speed up recovery post-work out so you can get back out there quicker

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Quick & easy

Just one minute per muscle, simple technique, use it almost anywhere


“After weeks of pain in my shoulder the MT Sport has removed the build up of lactic acid and i'm on form!”

Adam Barrett – @Bigbaz923